DIY- How to build a natural pool/swimmteich
DIY- How to build a natural pool/swimmteich

DIY- How to build a natural pool/swimmteich


You are dreaming about a natural pool in your garden? – Then you are at the right place: this book will help you make it happen: Turn your dream into reality, even in a small garden!





DIY- How to build a natural pool/swimmteich

Manual to the construction of a natural pool according to the Teichdoctor-method

 ISBN: 978-3-9504977-1-7

This book shows clearly and with detailed step-by-step instructions with pictures and sketches, how you can build a natural pool/schwimmteich in your garden without technology and plants.

From digging the pit, preparing the substrate with pond fleece and designing the edge area to maintenance, it conveys in an understandable and easy-to-follow manner how the element of water can find its place even in a small garden.

However, you will not find instructions here on how to dredge, sculpt steps, or where to get your gravel. We are here to show you what is important in building a Teichdoctor-Teich and why.


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More than 400 natural pools, which were built in the last 15 years according to this principle, give Franz Frischmuth, the inventor of this construction method – also known as Teichdoctor (pond doctor) – right: it works.

His way of building natural pools/schwimmteichs is revolutionary and we think it deserves an explanation and sharing.

This book is based on our own experience and will guide you through all phases of your construction project. In this guide, we share our photos and practical tips.

For us, building our schwimmteich was the best decision we ever made. In any case, the natural pool has increased our quality of life many times over and brought nature into our garden.

  • We show you how you can realize your dream of a schwimmteich in your own garden.
  •  We teach you all the basics to understand the principle of how a free-of-technology schwimmteich without plants works.
  • You will learn to understand the purification mechanism of water, microorganisms and the architecture of a pond doctor pond.
  • How it works to keep water clean without technical or chemical effort.
  • What advantages it has to realize this type of natural pool even in a small garden in 5 working days
  • We offer detailed execution instructions and the most important rules to follow.
  • More than 2/3 of the water surface is swimming zone and it is easy to maintain, because no plant material dies in the water.
  • You find videos on our YouTube channel, where you can get information and we answer open questions: „Teichschwimmer“
  • Valuable tips on natural pool care complete the guidebook.

With your schwimmteich/natural pool in the garden, you and your family can splash around in natural and soft bathing water.

A natural pool is completely low-maintenance and therefore a real alternative to a pool. In addition, it is a wonderful eye-catcher in the garden at any time of the year.

It is a great book for any garden owner and makes a perfect gift for nature lovers who want to bring more life diversity and relaxation to their garden.


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